3 ways to smooth out wrinkles and keep them that way

Pubblicato: 15/04/2024 | Autore: Valeria Solonari

When fine lines turn into wrinkles you can no longer fix with a good night’s sleep and a simple moisturiser, it’s time to find some new strategies. You might not be able to get rid of every line and wrinkle, but there are a few things you can do to help your skin. Let us give you our best anti-ageing tips!

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1. Boost collagen

Did you know you can boost collagen and help your skin stay plump? Collagen fibres act a bit like scaffolding – they keep our skin dense, firm, and smooth. As you get older your natural collagen production slows down, which means the scaffolding gets weaker, visible as wrinkles. The good news is that you can boost your collagen levels!
Novage+ Wrinkle Smooth Routine incorporates advanced technologies to target deep wrinkles and improve skin firmness. For instance, Oripeptide-3 in Novage+ Wrinkle Smooth Serum helps boost collagen production in the dermis, while Bio CollagenPro works to activate the skin’s own collagen production and encourage cellular renewal, reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles.

2. Boost hydration

Some products are better than others to prevent skin ageing. The ones that are most efficient are those that boost your collagen levels but also keep your skin hydrated. Along with the collagen structure, molecules of moisture-retaining Hyaluronic Acid help keep the skin beautifully hydrated and smooth. But just like collagen, your natural supply reduces as you get older. Simply boosting this vital hydration source can instantly help to plump out wrinkles.
Our Wrinkle Smooth Routine addresses hydration needs as well. Novage+ Anti-Ageing Day Cream strengthens and protects the skin barrier while improving hydration, firmness, radiance, and texture. Apart from Hyaluronic Acid, it also contains Bio Re:Barrier technology, scientifically proven to strengthen the skin barrier more effectively than Niacinamide, locking in moisture and preventing collagen breakdown to fight signs of ageing.

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External factors like UV rays and pollution can damage our skin's collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, leading to breakdown and reduced collagen production. Protecting your skin from these factors can significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Like a guardian of youth, Novage+ Wrinkle Smooth Routine includes a day cream with SPF 30 UVA and UVB protection and Advanced Pollution Technology to protect the skin and support collagen and hydration.
During the natural nighttime cycle, the body and skin repair and renew. Unfortunately, with age, this process slows down. However, Novage+ Anti-Ageing Night Cream activates during nighttime repair, improving hydration and visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Formulated with Bio CeramidesPro and Advanced NightSync technologies, it restores vital ceramides and promotes natural Hyaluronic Acid production, mimicking the positive effects of sleep on ageing skin.
If you want to experience the power of these potent ingredients, check out Novage+ Wrinkle Smooth Routine. This skincare set includes a 4-step range that provides at least 7x better results when used as a full routine, and significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles in just 2 weeks – clinically proven!
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