Facing adult acne? Help clear it with these solutions

Pubblicato: 03/05/2024 | Autore: Oriflame

Reclaim your skin confidence with targeted solutions that slip easily into your daily skincare routine. Read on to discover the sebum clarifying products — powerful anti-breakout solutions designed to help restore your flawless, healthy-looking complexion and our in-depth guide on how to use them below.

What causes adult acne

Breakouts happen. Despite our age — acne can affect us all. While there are a number of factors that can cause acne, for adults a main contributor is hormone fluctuation. Our hormones regulate everything, from hunger signals to sleep-wake cycle to menstruation, pregnancy, (pre/post) menopause. If the hormones are out of balance, the result may be increased oil production — it’s likely you’ll notice an impact on your skin.
For many adults, acne is a reality. Recent research suggests that 50% of women experience acne at some point in their lives. And that nearly 1/3 of those seeking treatment for acne are women over 25 years.
Don't let adult acne hold you back from feeling confident in your skin. Incorporate these acne-fighting solutions into your skincare routine, and welcome a clearer, more radiant complexion.

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How to take care of acne prone skin

In our quest to uncover the most effective solutions, we've researched the game-changing ingredients in skincare specifically tailored to address adult acne. Here’s what you need to know:

• Salicylic Acid: This beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is a staple in many acne-fighting products. It penetrates deep into pores to dissolve excess oil and exfoliate dead skin cells, preventing clogged pores and breakouts. You’ll find it in several acne treating products – try our Novage Skin Renewing Peel for evening mask and Targeted Blemish Correction to treat breakouts. Pure Skin Deep Cleanse Face Wash will work wonders in everyday cleanse.
• Benzoyl Peroxide: Another powerhouse ingredient, benzoyl peroxide effectively kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation. It's particularly effective for treating inflammatory acne.
• Retinoids: Derived from vitamin A, retinoids work by promoting cell turnover and preventing the formation of new comedones (clogged pores), making them essential for managing acne and improving overall skin texture. Promoting collagen synthesis and skin cell turnover, our Novage Retinol Power Drops (a type of retinoid), not only clear acne but also help with wrinkles – a win-win.
• Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, niacinamide helps reduce redness and irritation associated with acne while regulating sebum production to prevent future breakouts.
• Hyaluronic Acid: While not traditionally associated with acne treatment, hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin without clogging pores, making it an excellent ingredient to balance the drying effects of other acne-fighting ingredients. Our Novage Proceuticals Sheet Mask with both niacinamide and hyaluronic acid will give you an instant replenishing boost, leaving skin resilient and healthy-looking from the first application.
• Tea Tree Oil: With its natural antibacterial properties, tea tree oil can help clear acne by killing acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation. Remember not to apply pure tea tree essential oil directly on the skin as it may leave burns. Instead use a carrier oil or products with tea tree as an ingredient.
Remember to start slowly when introducing new products, and always patch-test first to avoid potential irritations. By including these effective acne treatments into your skincare routine, you're taking proactive steps towards achieving clearer, healthier skin.
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