Why is scalp care important?

Pubblicato: 20/12/2023 | Autore: Claire Allanson

Gone are the days when talking about scalp concerns was only for visits to the pharmacy. Today, people are starting to understand the importance of scalp health – and scalp care products are fast becoming the latest hair care trend. If you want beautifully healthy hair, discover why scalp facials need to be in your beauty routine.

Scalp care = Healthier hair

Did you know the secret to your healthiest-looking hair begins with your scalp? Even though you might focus on the hair growing out of it, your scalp is essentially skin, composed of similar proteins and lipids. Like facial skin, it can become congested, dry or oily – as hair follicles clog with build-up from sebum production and styling products. This is often the root of numerous hair concerns, from dandruff to damaged strands, scalp sensitivity and hair breakage.
Using our Duologi haircare products that promote scalp care helps you prep the ideal foundation for beautiful hair.

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Scalp care is the new skincare

We treat our faces to a feast of serums, creams and exfoliators. And yet we often neglect our scalp. Taking cue from the skincare world, the latest hair care formulations are on a mission to change this.
To keep your strands in tip-top condition, ingredients previously reserved for skincare (think niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid) not only treat your hair, but also care for your scalp. The results are incredible: from exfoliating hero salicylic acid targeting dandruff in Anti-Flake Purifying Scalp Scrub, to transformative keratin protein strengthening damaged hair in the nourishing Intense Repair Hair Mask and Rich Creme Conditioner.

How to keep your scalp healthy

First up, it’s important to get into a hair care routine – to give your scalp the cleansing, rebalancing and nourishment it needs.


Cleanse your scalp regularly (minimum twice a week), the right way. That means choosing a shampoo that’s suitable for you, focusing on your current hair condition. Whether your hair is damaged, fragile or you have dandruff, there’s a specific Duologi shampoo to target different hair concerns.


Just like your skin needs moisture and nourishment, so does your hair. Duologi conditioners help to moisturise and nourish hair akin to its texture: medium to thick hair loves the sumptuous texture of Rich Creme Conditioner, while fine or thin hair is better suited to weightless hydration with the Light Creme option to keep volume in the hair.


Does your hair and scalp need a little extra TLC? Depending on your hair concerns, there are key products to elevate your routine – think of these like your face serums or weekly exfoliator masks. Choose between a potent tonic you apply directly to the scalp to promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair breakage, exfoliating scrub to invigorate your scalp, or leave-in hair cream that helps to tame frizzy hair and boost shine whilst also visibly reducing split ends.
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